XG522A cast iron wok up baby milk pot, soup, stew pot, wok trade of the original single supplement

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Place of origin:
Chinese style
Fried, grilled, baked, stewed, soup, stew
Non-stick pan, Smokeless uncoated pans
Trading properties:
Original single
Occasions for gifts:
Wedding, holiday, housewarming, trade fairs, advertising promotions, a

Time to market:Other
Price segment:100-200 yuan
Custom processing:It is
Applicable stove:Common
Is there a patent:No
Printed LOGO:Can
Lid type:No

Cast iron pot milk2.5KG



Vegetable oil spray surface, represent the natural black!

Applicable stove: gas stove, electric stove, gas stove, electric stove, oven and so suitable!

This frying pan compare Chinese style fried ice diluted, chicken wings, steak, pancakes, pies, breakfast tray love, quality assurance

The biggest advantage is that this pot uncoated, non-stick iron direct and effective, affordable!

What is vegetable oil processing? Is a rust treatment before leaving the factory, is to take our usual cooking oil spray evenly up and then baked at a high temperature of 380 degrees oven, cast iron deep reservoir on the surface, and thus play a role in anti-rust! Parents who buy back a few fried stuff, will play the same effect!

1. Before use, or after each use inside the pot pour a little oil, a turn, so are hung inside the oil pan, then placed on it, in this way to maintain the pan will not rust, cooking it will not stick. Or after use, and other pot after the temperature down (to the extent not hot), wash with warm water into the pot, after washing, be sure to put on the fire to burn until the water are gone, so each dried then it will not rust.

2. Health care wok important step: to clean, clean the brush raw wok, add a layer of lard or coated with a thin layer of vegetable oil, then roasted slowly enter inside the oven, until the pot roast iron surface pores open, after the oil sucked, then erase the excess oil, which formed a layer of natural protective film! In time, this pot of various cooking oils absorb the essence, it will appear black shiny, smooth as a mirror.

3. master the correct use of the soot rarely. First boil hot, put a small amount of oil, a turn to pick up the pot, the oil flow to every part of the bottom of the pot, add the food, then the pan is very hot, quickly transferred to a small fire, if at this time soot, can closing the fire and let the warmth slowly frying pan, cast iron pot is enough stamina!


Solemnly declare: We are exporting the cast iron pot, is the result of the detection of SGS, and cast iron pot pot among the most healthy and environmentally friendly than aluminum pan on the body better, please rest assured purchase use.

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