Thousands of music in Europe [] iron wok health pot [] no smoke thickened nonstick iron to scald proof

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Cookware Sets
Thousands of European music
texture of material:
cast iron
Chinese style
Print LOGO:
No coating pot
Four point eight
Trade attribute:
Domestic trade
Applicable occasions gifts:
Employee benefits
Time to market:The spring of 2015
Bottom material:Single bottom
Price:100-200 yuan
Cover type:Mu Gai
depth:9 cm
Custom processing:yes
Applicable range:currency
Whether there is a patent:nothing
Whether imported:no
Specifications:28 cm 28 cm + + wood, glass cover

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The above rates are inclusive of wood composite stainless steel glass cover!!

1. Before each use in inside the pot pour a little oil, turn a turn, let the pot internal hanging oil, then placed on it, in accordance with this approach to maintenance iron does not rust, cooking will not stick. Or after each use, such as pan temperature down (to the degree of hot), with warm water wash the pot clean, after washing, be sure to put the fire to burn, until the water has run away, so baked does not rust.

Iron 2. Maintenance of health an important step: first clean, brush to clean the pig iron pot, thin thin wipe on a layer of lard or painted on a layer of vegetable oil and into inside the oven baked slowly, when baked into the open pores of pig iron pot surface, after the oil sucked in, then the ecess oil to erase, which formed the layer of natural protective film! Over time, this pot absorbed various cooking oil essence, more will be Kurokuro Ryoryo, smooth as a mirror.

3 master the correct way to use the lampblack few. First heat the wok, put a small amount of oil, pan took a turn, so that the oil in each part of the bottom flow to, put food, when the pot is hot, quickly transferred to a small fire, if this fume can turn out the fire, Pan Yu Wen slowly fry, cast iron pan's stamina is enough!

Solemnly declare: we cast iron pot is eported through the SGS, and cast iron pot belongs to most environmental health pot than aluminum pot body for better, please rest assured that the use of purchase.

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